Our Approach

We know that every client is unique. We partner with our clients to define the point of engagement, the nature of engagement, and the extent of engagement. Our work may include leadership development, coaching with an individual, raising the performance of a team, defining and executing a compelling vision for the future of your company, or the development of a corporate culture that fosters sustainable high performance. All of our approaches are based on the fundamental principles reflected in our coaching methodology and our Cycle of Leadership and Leadership Culture models.

Results we produce include:

  • Greater leadership capability throughout the organization, leading to improved overall performance
  • Development of shared language and practices that enable individuals and teams to move quickly through events that would normally derail or diminish performance
  • Increased effectiveness of requests so that when people take action, it’s the right action the first time
  • Greater capacity to manage breakdowns – including broken promises, misunderstood comments, and difficult emotions; people are able to have challenging conversations with increased facility and skill, and the corporate culture is one that supports those conversations
  • Significantly greater skill at managing difficult customer and/or internal staff situations by recognizing and effectively working with the emotional context that arises under such circumstances
  • Faster, more effective conflict resolution that leaves all parties feeling more connected and supported (rather than resentful and hurt)
  • The supporting structure is created for effective cultural integration in merger/acquisition situations. As new entities are acquired and assimilated, a solid foundation of language and practices are in place to sustain the strength and resilience of the existing corporate culture, at the same time enabling them to integrate new people into the culture and to assimilate any desired capabilities of the cultures being acquired.
  • Leaders, teams, and the entire corporate community are able to adapt quickly and creatively to changing circumstances
  • High levels of trust are developed and sustained throughout the organization; when trust is broken, the problem is addressed quickly and effectively, so that trust is restored and performance is maintained
  • Accountability is the norm; siloed, hierarchical mindsets are replaced with commitment to shared values and success for everyone