Our Services

Linden Leadership offers a rich set of services based on our Cycle of Leadership and Leadership Culture models, designed to create lasting transformation that enables individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their full potential, and continue achieving it, over and over again.

We will engage with your organization in whatever way best fits your needs, from tactically addressing a specific problem to instituting an organization-wide program to establish a sustainable culture of high performance.

Problems We Solve

Linden Leadership has powerful tools for rapidly assessing critical issues facing organizations today, developing a road map to work through them, and getting on a high performance track of ongoing innovation, vision and execution. Key issues we help you address include:

  • Being stuck in belief systems that prevent you from seeing new possibilities
  • Culture of compliance vs. ambition
  • Inability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances
  • Low performing, ineffective teams
  • Mistrust arising from commitments not being met
  • Projects running over budget and off schedule
  • Inaccurate / incomplete customer requests
  • Siloed / hierarchical mindset vs. team orientation
  • Finger pointing rather than accountability
  • Ineffective or detrimental management of emotional situations

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