Foundations of High Performance Leadership and Teams

For an organization to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing world, every team in the organization – from executive leadership to managers to line workers – must operate out of a shared commitment to honesty, trust, accountability, and success. Foundations of High Performance Leadership & Teams is a suite of programs designed to meet this challenge at the executive and management level by developing and enhancing the performance skills of leadership teams through deep, transformational experiential learning. These programs establish a business culture that effectively navigates change and achieves lasting high performance.

Among the specific performance enhancements you can expect to see from these programs are:

  • Greater leadership capability throughout the team, leading to improved overall performance of the business unit
  • Development of shared language and practices that enable the team to move quickly through events that would normally derail or diminish performance
  • Increased effectiveness of requests so that when people take action, it’s the right action the first time
  • Greater capacity to manage breakdowns – including broken promises, misunderstood comments, and difficult emotions; team members are able to have the “hard conversations” with increased facility and skill, and the corporate culture becomes one that supports having those conversations
  • Significantly greater skill at managing difficult customer and/or internal staff situations by recognizing and effectively working with the emotional context that arises under such circumstances
  • Faster, more effective conflict resolution that leaves all parties feeling more connected and supported (rather than resentful and hurt)
  • The supporting structure is created for effective cultural integration in merger/acquisition situations. As new entities are acquired and assimilated, a solid foundation of language and practices are in place to sustain the strength and resilience of the existing corporate culture, at the same time enabling them to integrate new people into the culture by sharing and role-modeling the use of the language and practices for the new members

While there are specific practices, skills and experiences that are central to these programs, we tailor the content, flow, delivery mechanisms and homework to your organization’s particular needs and requirements.