Team Facilitation

Team facilitation involves one or more Performance Unlimited coaches working with a team as they address real world problems. Our team facilitation services are grounded in the same principles and practices as our coaching and Foundations of High Performance Leadership & Teams programs. Team facilitation enables our clients to develop tremendous capability to directly apply their leadership, team and interpersonal skills to the real challenges they face every day. In our facilitation of team sessions they learn to rapidly identify the underlying problems that could derail projects and address them quickly and effectively. The learning in this work enables teams to require fewer people to reach decisions, to make better decisions, and to reach decisions much faster than they have in the past.

Through team facilitation, teams learn to push through limiting beliefs, see possibilities to which they were previously blind, rapidly navigate emotional conversations, break down barriers to high performance, and move to highly effective action. Teams that have developed these skills excel at leadership and execution. The energy and enthusiasm of the team infects others in the organization, creating a broad positive shift in performance.

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